Private Readings

Types of Readings and Pricing

Telephone Readings

The majority of Char's Readings are done by telephone. Char engages the energy of the person calling in to connect them with their loved ones in the spirit world. At the end of the session if time allows Char takes questions.  Phone readings are a half hour for $600 or an hour for $800.

Skype Readings

Skype Readings are available to clients who cannot travel but still prefer a face to face experience. Skype readings are available not only for an individual, but may also additional family members  seeking to connect with the same subject or spirit. Skype readings are a half hour for $600 or an hour for $800.

In Person Readings

A very limited number of Private In-Person readings are available for those who wish to have a face-to-face interaction with Char. These private readings are very limited and must be booked well in advance. All In-Person private readings take place in one of the following locations: Long Island, NY - Los Angeles, CA - West Bloomfield, MI and Amsterdam, Netherlands. If you would like to know if Char will be in your area doing private readings, please sign up for Char's free e-mail newsletter and check off the private reading box. In person readings are $800 for an hour.

Intimate Group Readings

Char does small intimate group reading sessions all over the world. These small groups are limited to 15 people or less.  To see a schedule of where Char will be hosting these Intimate Group Readings, please check the Live Events Page. Each ticket is $500.

Private Readings and Groups that are booked by an outside agent /promoter are subject to different rates and availability.


Private Readings

People wait for months for the chance to have a private reading with Char. Readings are done by Telephone, Skype, and on the rare occasion In-Person. To add yourself to the private reading waiting list or to see if an appointment has opened up, please call 1-888-909-2427 (CHAR). 

Char considers it a privilege to be the intermediary in conversations between clients and their loved ones who have passed over. Char maintains that all readings are kept strictly confidential. This is a personal time for you to interact with your loved ones.

When asked what to expect, Char says:

My nature is to be compassionate, understanding, and truthful. I give messages in a positive manner and I really care for every single person I read for.

I'm here to help you discover your own greatest good. Since my clients are usually only allowed to call me once or twice a year, I have the responsibility and the luxury of being completely honest with them.

Finally, aside from the fact that I would never violate a client's privacy, quite honestly, I rarely remember the details of a reading, I'm kind of like the phone line connecting people to their loved ones, spirit guides, and the universal source of wisdom. The information is not coming from me; it's coming through me.